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“Our Nuclear Achilles’ Heel”

“After 60 years of experience with nuclear power and weapons, it now seems clear that humans are unable to devise controls that work. Nuclear is too complicated and unpredictable for reliable human control. Unlike renewable sources of energy, nuclear is an unforgiving technology because normal human lapses and errors can produce unexpected consequences that are … Continue reading

“Demonstrators from both sides pack Indian Point hearing” by Roger Witherspoon
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“Demonstrators from both sides pack Indian Point hearing” by Roger Witherspoon

“WHITE PLAINS — Hundreds of chanting, shouting residents packed a Westchester County legislative hearing on the future of Indian Point last night to either demand an end to the nuclear plants or urge support for their continued operation. The dueling demonstrations pitted about 400 union workers from the two nuclear plants in Buchanan, who came … Continue reading


“Psychotic engineer worked at Indian Point” by Joseph T. Martorano, M.D., P.C.

“To the Editor: It is absolutely infuriating and probably lethal to read the vested rationalizations for Indian Point, as in the extensive article you published by Joseph McCourt, in the Feb. 8 issue of the Inquirer. My professional experience directly contradicts Entergy’s supposed tight monitoring of employees. The single most psychotic patient appearing in my … Continue reading