“Evacuation plan fails children . . .” by Mary Cronin

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency has certified that the emergency plan for Indian Point provides “reasonable assurance of adequate protection” in a nuclear disaster. Immediately afterward, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, citing FEMA’s decision, issued a statement pronouncing the emergency plan “satisfactory.” , Unfortunately, FEMA has already demonstrated that it has no understanding of what the … Continue reading


“Ruling riles many politicians in region” by David McKay Wilson

“The ruling by federal officials to certify the emergency evacuation plans for Indian Point was harshly denounced yesterday by many public officials, while business leaders hailed it and Gov. George Pataki backed the federal government’s right to make the decision. Many officials and opponents of the plants derided the decision, saying it neglected to take … Continue reading


“Indian Point emergency planning” an Editorial by the Journal News

“It is dismaying that the federal agencies responsible for overseeing nuclear power plant safety have brushed aside local governments’ lack of confidence in the Indian Point evacuation plan by recertifying it yesterday. Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Orange counties — whose officials would be responsible for executing the evacuation of people in a 10-mile radius of … Continue reading

Editorials / Scientific Concepts

“Indian Point opposition has credible foundation” by Kyle Rabin

“The mainstream effort to close the Indian Point nuclear power plant continues to grow. To date, more than 300 elected officials – including Rep. Sue Kelly and 10 other members of Congress – and 45 municipalities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, are now calling for the shutdown of the Westchester-based plant. In early … Continue reading

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“Nuclear escape scheme flawed” by Rita J. King

“New study estimates evacuation from Indian Point emergency would take longer than expected New information about evacuation time estimates has revealed a timely exodus from a radioactive leak at the Indian Point nuclear power plants might take much longer than last decade’s population statistics suggested. A 10 percent rise in the population has resulted in … Continue reading


“Assessing Indian Point” an Editorial by the Journal News

“Edward McGaffigan, chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, must live in a fantasy world of unrivaled proportion. What else explains the top NRC official’s rose-colored assessment this week regarding Indian Point nuclear power plant? He told The Journal News in an interview that the commission’s five members had seen little so far to indicate that … Continue reading