“Officials say evacuation unlikely” by Roger Witherspoon

“A new study showing it will take nearly twice as long to evacuate people from the 10-mile region around Indian Point as previously believed has led officials in Westchester and Rockland counties to conclude they could not evacuate residents following a fast-breaking catastrophe at the nuclear power plants. Instead, officials said yesterday, they may have … Continue reading

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“Is it alarmist to imagine Indian Point as another Chernobyl?” by Matt Bivens

“Seventeen years ago, engineers at the Chernobyl nuclear facility decided to test how smoothly a plant victimized by a grid-wide power blackout could move to backup power for its safety systems. Things slipped steadily out of control until, at 1:23 a.m. on April 26, 1986, an explosion rocked the reactor complex. A second blast followed … Continue reading

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“The NRC’s dirty little secret” by Daniel Hirsch, David Lochbaum and Edwin Lyman

“The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is still unwilling to respond to serious security problems. For a quarter of a century, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) kept its dirty little secret: Despite the fact that a successful attack on a U.S. nuclear plant could cause thousands of illnesses and deaths in the surrounding area, and despite the … Continue reading


“Indian Pt. works to meet new security rules” by Roger Witherspoon

“At the New York Mercantile Exchange yesterday, Paul Tudor Jones, one of the nation’s most influential financiers and the chairman of Tudor Investment Corp., said the Indian Point plants posed a security risk and should be shut down within the next five years. Jones said radiation escaping from the plant following a successful terrorist attack … Continue reading

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“Report: Indian Point 2 poorly maintained during 1990s” by Roger Witherspoon

“Operating conditions at Indian Point 2 deteriorated alarmingly throughout the 1990s, and only intensive intervention by the regional Nuclear Regulatory Commission office, beginning in 1995, halted the downward spiral, according to a report released yesterday by the agency’s inspector general. Yet, the report also notes that senior NRC officials refused to allow the regional administrator, … Continue reading


“NRC: Indian Point repair backlog still too high” by Roger Witherspoon

“PEEKSKILL – The Indian Point nuclear power plants still have an unacceptably high number of mechanical problems despite a major repair and replacement effort that has cut its repair backlog by nearly 80 percent in two years, plant and regulatory officials said last night. Officials at Entergy Nuclear Northeast, operators of the twin nuclear plants … Continue reading