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“NRC Move to Make Nuke Plant Licensing Hearing Secret is Illegal, Irresponsible”

Nuclear Information and Resource Service Public Citizen  For Immediate Release:                 Contact: Michael Mariotte, NIRS (202) 328-0002 Dec. 20, 2004                                              Michele Boyd, PC (202) 454-5134 NRC Move to Make Nuke Plant Licensing Hearing Secret is Illegal, Irresponsible  Staff of Nuclear Industry Regulator Seeks to Shut Out Public in Wake of Agency’s Security Lockdown WASHINGTON, D.C. – … Continue reading


“Ruminations: The growth of civilization is tied to energy” by Rita J. King

“Since I announced a moratorium on political discussions with family members just in time for the holidays, we found ourselves conversing about other issues. My father-in-law asked me what I learned while writing a series of articles on the nuclear industry, and if my feelings about the industry changed as a result. When I first … Continue reading


“A long-simmering dispute”

“A long-simmering dispute over the effectiveness of warning sirens for the Indian Point nuclear power plant flared up yesterday as plant officials prepared to test a system Westchester and Rockland County officials claim is broken. At issue are the 156, 500-pound rotating sirens in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Orange counties which are to alert more … Continue reading


“Residents scrutinize emergency preparations” by Martin B. Cassidy

“Communications, vaccinations and preparedness topped the list of residents’ concerns at a meeting last night to outline the town’s emergency response plans. Speaking at a forum convened at Town Hall by the League of Women Voters of Greenwich, First Selectman Jim Lash and a panel of safety and health officials and representatives of Greenwich Hospital … Continue reading

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“Debate over future of Indian Point nuclear plants won’t end overnight” by Rita J. King

“This is the final article in a series on the nuclear industry While a growing cacophony clamors for the closure of the Indian Point nuclear power plants in Buchanan, many who work at the facility or live in the communities supported by it are just as fervent about keeping the source of their economic security … Continue reading


“‘Chernobyl-on-the-Hudson’: New reports detail terrorist targets” by Tony Attrino, John Adamski, Michael McDonnell and Walter Elliott

“There are 15,000 such facilities in the United States, including an estimated 111 that, if attacked, could each put a million or more people at risk of death or injury,” writes environmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his new book, “Crimes Against Nature.” The Kuehne plant has long been considered a top target for … Continue reading