“Officials Can’t Say Nukes Safe From Terror”

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Three years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission cannot independently verify that every nuclear power plant is taking required safeguards to protect against a terrorist threat, congressional investigators said Tuesday. Senior NRC officials strongly challenged that assessment and said the agency, through onsite inspectors and other activities, is aggressively … Continue reading


“Whistling past the graveyard on Indian Point’s security” by Phil Riesman

“Ever since Sept. 11, 2001, the corporate officials of Entergy Northeast and their political proxies have insisted that Indian Point was more than adequately prepared to thwart a terrorist attack. For three years and a day, they have pounded into our heads a public relations mantra that the aging power plants are “safe, secure and … Continue reading


“Group Says Terror Attack on Indian Point Would Be Apocalyptic” By Matthew L. Wald

“WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 – A group campaigning to shut the Indian Point nuclear plant is firing new broadsides against the reactors, releasing a report on Wednesday that asserts that a successful terrorist attack could cause apocalyptic damage. The group, Riverkeeper, is also appearing in a documentary to be broadcast on HBO on Thursday that makes … Continue reading