“Indian Point disaster is not impossible” by Stephen Filler, Irvington

“The kickoff of the efforts to stop the relicensing of the Indian Point nuclear plants held on March 29, hosted by Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner at Greenburgh Town Hall, was a huge success. The room was packed to capacity and Robert Kennedy Jr. and Alex Mathiesson, Riverkeeper’s executive director, provided inspirational and informational discussion about the absurdity of operating nuclear plants within 50 miles of 20 million people and amid the world’s most important metropolitan center.

In spite of the high level of the speakers in the conference room, the most telling remark came in the hallway from Jon Mermelstein, the 10-year-old son of Michel Lee, a life-long Republican and leader from the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition.  Jon was talking to Jim Steets, Indian Point’s public-relations expert about various scenarios and the likelihood of something bad happening at Indian Point.

Steets said, “No one can really say anything is impossible, so let’s just say it’s virtually impossible.” To which Jon replied, “You mean like the Red Sox winning the World Series?””

To view the complete editorial, search the archives at the link below:


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