2005 Leak / Editorials

“To The Journal News”

Dear Editor,

Your report on “tainted ” wells caused by leakage from  Indian Pt. appears to be somewhat understated by IP and EPA officials. I’m not so sure  they would feel comfortable having their children drink lemonade made with this ‘acceptable’ liquid that “doesn’t pose a threat”. In reviewing the literature on tritium one learns it can be deadly. A radioactive form of hydrogen, it has a half-life of twelve years. Because it gives off relatively small amounts of beta (electron) radiation, it is considered less dangerous than many other isotopes. However tritium behaves chemically and biochemically like ordinary hydrogen. When ingested, it can incorporate itself into all forms of body cells, including those of the reproductive system. Researchers theorize that because of its ability to act like regular water, tritium can incorporate with the DNA in living cells, multiplying the prospects for damage leading to genetic mutations and cancer.                                       

Now let them tell me again about ‘safe levels’.  I’m not even gonna’ talk about  “those sirens!”

Larry Garner

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