“Nuclear’s not answer” by Susan Shapiro

The answer to global warming is not nuclear power, but sustainable energy.

It is suicide to think the solution to the energy crisis is nuclear. The truth is that the nuclear fuel cycle uses nearly as much fossil fuel as gas or coal plants. And the CFC gases it produces effectively destroy the ozone.

They still have not figured out how to dispose the lethal high-level radioactive waste. Today, we have more than 70,000 tons of spent fuel, leeching into the ground water, air and soil.

It is the only technology that produces waste so dangerous that governments must own and dispose of it. The selling of nuclear as green is a PR move by the nuclear industry to sell the U.S. on restarting nuclear proliferation.

Wake up, people. Nuclear power is the most deadly, dangerous, expensive way to create energy. The same subsidies/investments in efficiency and existing renewable technologies – solar, wind, geothermic – would give us far more electricity, quicker and with infinitely greater security and sustainability.

Susan Shapiro

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