“State Says Indian Point Plant Violates the Clean Water Act” by David M. Halbfinger

“CORRECTION APPENDED In a major victory for environmental advocates, New York State has ruled that outmoded cooling technology at the Indian Point nuclear power plant kills so many Hudson River fish, and consumes and contaminates so much water, that it violates the federal Clean Water Act. The decision is a blow to the plant’s owner, … Continue reading


“New York State DEC Denies Indian Point water use permit 4 Fires rage in Nuclear Plants across the Nation”

“The DEC denied Indian Points water use permits because they do not and will not comply with existing new York water quality standards. The legal team of Assemblyman Richard Brodsky and Rockland County Attorney Susan Shapiro first started litigation this issue in 2002. Currently this team is litigating the failure of the NRC to enforce … Continue reading



“(Congressional Documents and Publications/ContentWorks via COMTEX)

Washington, D.C. Congressman Eliot Engel called on the New York State 
Public Service Commission to deny Entergy Corp.’s effort to spin off Indian 
Point 2 and 3 and four other of its nuclear energy generating plants into a 
separate corporation, saying it could lead to increased electricity rates 
and put … Continue reading