“Contrary to claims, power plants do slaughter fish” by Alex Matthiessen, Hudson Riverkeeper and president of the organization

“The “In Reply” piece by Jim Steets, communications manager of Entergy Nuclear (“Nuclear plant not to blame for shad decline in Hudson ,” June 7) that was in response to your editorial (“Missing in action: A ‘chicken-or- egg’ riddle for the Hudson deserves real inquiry,” May 20) is riddled with slippery logic and false statements. … Continue reading


“NRC: Indian Point’s handling of leak followed procedure” by Greg Clary

“CORTLANDT – Federal regulators have approved Indian Point’s handling of radiation leaks first discovered at the Buchanan plant in August 2005, telling the public last night that the company followed procedures and protected residents, even though strontium 90 and tritium are likely still reaching the Hudson River. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s findings allow Indian Point’s … Continue reading