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Matthew Wald’s article regarding the ongoing leak of radioactive water from the Indian Point nuclear plant (March 5) omits several facts and issues that are relevant.  The article mentions that some radioactive contaminants can be stripped from water, but that tritium cannot because it is “incorporated into the water molecule.”  Since our bodies are largely … Continue reading

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“Reactor waste moves official to call meeting” by Greg Clary

“WHITE PLAINS — Local and federal elected officials hope a meeting today about Indian Point will provide answers about the seriousness of radioactive isotopes that have been found underground at the nuclear reactor site in Buchanan. “Andy wants everybody in the same room,” said Susan Tolchin, Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano’s chief adviser. “These are … Continue reading

2005 Leak / News

“E-mails show New York knew about radioactive isotopes under Indian Point in December” by Greg Clary

“Two state regulatory agencies had information late last year that strontium 90 was showing up in a monitoring well at the Indian Point nuclear plant — three months before they released news of the isotope’s presence to the public this week. A Dec. 5 e-mail between officials at the Department of Health and the Department … Continue reading

2005 Leak / News

“Radioactive water may be following cracks in bedrock to Hudson” by Greg Clary

“BUCHANAN — Radioactive water moving toward the Hudson River may be traveling along tiny cracks in the bedrock created decades ago by explosive charges used during a construction project, Indian Point engineers and federal regulators say. “When they blasted the bedrock in the late 1960s to early 1970s for the construction of various facilities, they … Continue reading

2005 Leak / News

“Hudson ‘likely’ a bit hot” by Greg Bruno

“Buchanan – Low-levels of radioactive water have been found below the Indian Point nuclear power plant near the Hudson River, providing the “strongest indication yet” that contamination is reaching the waterway, plant officials said yesterday. Indian Point owners announced in September that a spent fuel storage pool was leaking water laced with tritium, a nuclear … Continue reading