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Tell the Governor and the Public Service Commission that a subsidy for failing nuclear reactors is a bad idea. Attend a PSC hearing on May 17 in Albany and you will be in good company! 

The Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, New York City Safe Energy Coalition, Sierra Cub, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Alliance for a Green Economy, Nuclear Information Resource Service, Beyond Nuclear, and more all agree.  Subsidies for failing nuclear reactors have no place in the Clean Energy Standards or anywhere else. Tell Governor Cuomo and the Public Service Commission that they are just plain wrong.

Comment NOW at http://www.allianceforagreeneconomy.org/nukes-are-not-clean For more information visit www.allianceforagreeneconomy.org/sites/default/files/CES_Summary_Memo_0.pdf

Democracy is not a spectator sport.  Emails and online comments count.  What counts even more are a lot of people at the Public Service Commission meeting listed below.   The first hour of each meeting is information from the Commission about the new standards.  The second hour is your chance to tell the Commission that subsidies for nuclear power subvert the Clean Energy Standards and will make people pay more their electricity. Nuclear power is not cheap or carbon free and it’s certainly not clean.  Renewables can play a much larger role than this plan gives them credit for.  We have plenty of power from existing generators, plus transmission improvements, efficiency, demand response and conservation.

The Governor  seems to think that no one in Southern New York will notice or even care about how he is imperiling our state’s opportunity to be a leader in the clean energy revolution.  If New York uses clean industry standards to prop up failing reactors, other states are sure to jump on the bandwagon.  Take your comments to Albany so that Gov. Cuomo  will see that we care.  Come to the hearing on May 17. Speak out and be counted among environmentalists who know better and are willing to fight to reform the energy vision for our  state so that we all have clean and green electricity.

Tuesday, May 17, Albany.  6 PM Information Sesson. 7 PM Public Statements. 

Albany Law School; East Wing School, Room E211, 80 New Scotland Avenue, Albany, NY 12208.


Stay tuned for the fourth Fukushima anniversary action in March 2015!

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Please send this on to everyone you know. And if you haven’t signed one of the petitions yet, please do!


Print THIS RESOLUTION, and give copies to your Town Board members and County Legislator. Ask that it be put on the agenda as soon as possible.

Print THIS PETITION and ask everyone you know to sign it!

Send an email to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and tell him why closing Indian Point is important to you. Ask him to use the power of his office to prevent the relicensing of Indian Point. Or download, print and mail THIS LETTER to: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Executive Chamber, State Capitol, Albany, New York, 12224. Or fax 518-474-1513.

Write to Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. Thank him for his “plan to work oward an energy future without the Indian Point nuclear power plant.” Ask him to continue to prevent the relicensing of Indian Point. Write to: New York State Office of the Attorney General, The Capitol, Albany, New York, 12224. Or call him at 518- 474-7330.

PRINT OUT THIS FLYER about Indian Point and give it to your friends and neighbors. Give them the facts they don’t see in the media. Share your concerns, listen to their questions. If you need help with answers, call 1-888-I-Shut-It (1-888-474-8848).

If you can do more, arrange a get together of friends or colleagues focused on Indian Point. Organize a movie night at your home. Call the IPSEC Speakers Bureau so that you can have someone there to help answer the tough questions. Call us for help at 1-888-474-8848.